Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sold 23 Books Yesterday =)

Yeah! It's all in the title =) I can't thank everyone enough for all your support and prayers. I never thought I would be a business owner non the less a busy and not to sound stuck on my self good one ;)

I'm looking at purchasing a thermal binding machine.... So I can have the option for my customers of a more formal traditional binding.
One more thing. I have started making a 3 in 1 books for baby and bridal showers. It contains a guest book to write messages and advise a few pages in the back for photos of the party and a gift recorder that fits in a pocket in the front. So cute! I can't say I came up with the idea all on my own.

I had a customer ask me to make something like it and I came up with the design. =)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Started My Own Business Today

I signed up and paid my $20 fee. I feel alittle bit like I should have a party about it =)