Friday, February 25, 2011

Vintage Sheet Music Wedding Theme

I love vintage themed wedding styles and sheet music can add a really unique rustic feel. You can keep it romantic and antique with lace and bronze touches or go colorful and modern with grosgrain ribbon and fun fonts. I create a sheet music guest book with a Coptic Stitch Binding. You pick the color ribbon and lace (if wanted), I would also add a embellishment to the cover to work with your theme.

I would be happy to create a Custom Card/gift Box and matching pen with the vintage sheet music to coordinate with your Custom Sheet Music Guest Book. When you order just add use "sheet music" in the fabric number field.

I can create a book in one of my fabric covers adding just a little vintage sheet music to the name card. This is great if you prefer the Custom Closed Bound guest book.

Here are a few other vintage sheet music ideas found on

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Page Layout!

I created these fancy layouts for a customer this week and fell in love with them and wanted to offer them to other Elegantly Bound customers.

A decorative page with prompting questions for you guests to wright more... I'm sure you will get a bunch of creative answers.  You can choose this page option in the Coptic Stitched  and Closed Bound guest book listings for my Elegantly Bound shop.

Peacock Printing Creations are Simply Unique

I love Peacock Printing!  Erica bought a book from me for her wedding then another for her friend’s wedding soon after.  I wish she was creating invitations when I was looking.  They are so pretty and modern with lots of color and style!  Peacock Printing was established when Erica couldn’t find what she was looking for her own wedding.  She started out on just like me!  You can find invitations and stationery for any occasion.  Erica will also be happy to create something just for you she loves custom work!  Everything I have seen is truly unique and beautiful!
The Sabrina Birch Tree Invitation Suite

The Amy Whimsical Garden Invitation Suite
Love Love Love Love Love her stuff!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Whimsical Garden Wedding

Custom Guest books are a great wedding keepsake for the couple to have. It’s also a great way for your guests to wish you the best on your big day, in case you don’t have much time to chat with each person. These whimsy guest books are just too hard to resist! They work perfectly for a whimsical garden themed weddings.  I use fake moss for the ban in the center and wood grain fabric print for the cover.  They are bound in a Coptic stitch.  I will add a monogram if you wish and like all my books your names will appear on each page with " message for Kelly and Jeff" of course I would use the bride and grooms names =)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Envelope Wedding Guest Book

Custom Envelope Guest Books (wedding wishes guest books) have 25 pages (50 front back) 13 of them filled (more if needed) with 6 3.5x2 white, ivory, chocloate and black envelopes with mini cards (pick from card1, card2....ect) to fill envelopes that your guests will use to write a message for you!

Pages left blank are great for photos, invites, programs, save the dates and more Photo! Please contact me if you need less then the 78 envelopes.
Remember most couples will sign in together and same familys.

Victorian Monogram Frames!

I only can get these a few time a year if not only once a year.  I LOVE them. They really add an elegant feel.  So if this an embellishment you want to add to the cover of your custom guest book I suggest you make your order now because I'm not sure how long I will have these beautiful frames. 

Victorian frames work great for vintage style events but also look wonderful with modern and shabby chic styled weddings.  Frames come in silver, bronze, black, gold, ivory and white.  Oh and if you want a smaller one on a double bound book, I can do that too.  They are just the right size!

Few Fabric!

Here are a few new fabrics I have added to the picks for your custom guest book, card box and pens!  I'm often adding and removing fabric to keep things fresh.

Photo Custom Guest Books

You know they say that the best way to capture a memory is with a picture.  There's now even a better way for your wedding! As they become more and more modern and unique, couples are looking for a custom guest books with pictures in addition to signatures and even comments from their guests.  Now a guest book with pages where your guests can leave memories with you, answering fun questions and leave a picture of themselves?  You can find these here, not only can you customize the questions (even have your names on each page!)  you can customize the cover we use many designer prints and have a full rainbow of color in satin ribbon used in either a few bans or a bow also offering many  fun embellishments such as frames, peacock feathers, wood detailing and others to add to the cover of your custom guest book.