Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love Teal?

I have always loved the color teal, so rich and elegant but it can still be fun and modern.  You can pair teal with many other colors like copper, yellow, black, lime, gold, orange, navy, olive and always ivory or white.  I'm starting to see it alot, brides using more then just the two or three color schemes.  This allows you to be more flexible with the color of items in your wedding and keep things from getting to matchy matchy. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Antique Themed Weddings Ideas

Vintage Milk Bud Vases! 
I used milk vases for my wedding in July of 2009, and I thought I was so smart!  Now I see them all over the place.  I would pick them up for .25 to $1 at my local Christan Thrift Store where I get a lot of my book board for my Custom Guest Books that I create.  I wanted them to be all different styles and sizes.  My idea was to have a bundles of 3, two tall and one short with one or two flowers. I didn't get any pictures of them at my wedding but I found a few to share.

If your having a hard time finding all you need in the thrift stores you and get them in many antique shops from  I found a few from ClothandPatina and shesitsbytheseashore

Victorian Frames
You can use these to frame instruction to all sorts of things like your photo booth guest books or signs to "help yourself to the Candy Bar" They are also fun to use in the photo booth, your guests hold up the frame around their face for the picture to add a little fun! You can always use frames in the way they were intended with vintage styles photos of your life together or engagement photos,  you can edit them in programs like photo shop. 
  I found these again on from turquoiserollerset shop.
Vintage Inspired Dresses  
I found a shop that had these from sohomode, I love all the colors!

There are so many shops on etsy with stunning wedding dresses it was hard to pick just one to add.  I did found this simple and lacy item from starzselection
My Custom Guest Books aren't vintage but I can create one to look like it is.  I have a few samples below of items I think have some vintage touches.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Pink, Pink and then there is Fuchsia!

Old Gold and Blush Pink Custom Guest Book with 
Cream Lace and Ivory Ribbon with a Pen to Match!

Pink and Fuchsia with some siver ribbon Custom Guest Book

Pink Ivory Custom Double Dound with Ivory Satin Ribbon Bow to Tie the book shut in the center!

Pink and White Damask Fabric with Dark Gray Ribbon and Solid Fabric
Custom Guest Book with Matching Card Money Box
I used solid pink fabric then some ivory lace over top for this double bound guest book.  Ivory satin ribbon was used to tie the book shut and I added some Butterfly Embellishments around the name card.
Fuchsia and Yellow Custom Wedding Guest Book
Black and White Damask with Fuchsia Ribbon Custom Guest Book

Brown and Pink Floral Custom Guest Book.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Looking Back

Being crazy busy the first few years I didn't have time to do everyday things let alone write a blog .  I just started it up again...I was going over the old posts and was about to delete a bunch that didn't really "fit" what I was going for,  then decided that I would keep them to show the success and progress in my work in the last few years.  My business has grown in so many ways.  I now create custom card/money boxes and pens.  I have business relationships with photo booth owners, wedding planners and create items for brides all over the world! 
Elegantly Bound is no longer on  Started my own shop last year and you can't link your website from your etsy shop if they both are selling the same items (I need to have the links to show all my options).  Not to mention the crazy high bill I had from etsy each month.  But I couldn't have done this with out them.  Really set me up for success! 
I'm so very blessed with my business.  There has been some ups and downs along the way.  Lost my mom last April and that put me in a funk... got a little behind on orders in that time... then summer hit and I was just insanely busy.  Don't get me wrong I really do love creating a custom item making someones wedding just a little more special.  Having your own business is both rewarding and challenging each day.  I can't say it enough, I am very blessed with my talent and the demand for my work, oh and I can't forget my loving and very helpful husband.  I wouldn't be able to do it without him =)

Beach Theme Wedding

I can create a custom guest book with your colors and real starfish added to the cover!

It used to be hard to have a beach themed wedding items with out getting to hokey or tacky.  But there are so many more options now to create an elegant event with clean lines keeping the theme simple and stunning!

I love these Beach Wedding Arrow Signs, custom created by ourhobbytoyourhome

So Pretty, right?! you can frind them from romanticflowers

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vintage Glamour Wedding

 This lovely item is from MEJCollection
It would work great with a Vintage Glamour Wedding Theme!

I love this Dramatic Rhinestone Bridal Hair Comb from luxedeluxe

I found this stunning sliver and rhinestone headband from UntamedPetals

Vintage inspired Bridal Bouquet from hairbowswonderworld
These are made to order so you get it just the way you want! 

I covered this custom envelope guest book in cream fabric and some ivory lace.  My customer sent me the blinged out brooches and I added them to the cover along with  tan and eggplant satin ribbon. 
Came out beautiful I must say =)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Custom Photo Booth Guest Book

Each custom photo booth guest book is made to order this way I can custom the quetions if you want. 
I alway add your names to each page (ex: How do you know Kelly and Jeff?). 

I can also add some clear plastic sleeves the your custom photo booth guest book making it easier for your guest to just slide their photo in with out the extra step of using a tape runner.

As alway you get to pick from many designer fabric prints and a rainbow of solids.